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ASQ Journals and Conference Proceedings 1990-2001

Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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1. Column: Emerging Sectors: Cleaning Up With SPC QICID: 15163

2. Teaching the Role of SPC in Industrial Statistics QICID: 14964

3.  Small Sample Properties of an Adaptive Filter Applied to Low Volume SPC QICID: 14416

4.  Estimation of the Change Point of a Normal Process Mean in SPC Applications QICID: 14420

5. A New SPC Monitoring Method: The ARMA Chart QICID: 14538

6. SPC Modified With Percent Tolerance Precontrol Charts QICID: 13990

7. Applying SPC to the Personal Software Process QICID: 14973

8. Managing Schedules Using Statistical Process Control: Implementing the SPC Program at Telcordia(tm) Technologies, Inc. QICID: 14980 -

9. SPC for Real-World Processes: What to Do When the Normality Assumption Doesn't Work QICID: 14442 -

10. An SPC Case Study on Stabilizing Syringe Lengths QICID: 13881

11. Transforming the Exponential for SPC Applications QICID: 11577

12. Improving the Software Process with SPC QICID: 10809

13. Subgroup Composition of SPC Charts QICID: 11988

14. Pattern Control: Correlation Analysis Combined with SPC QICID: 11995

15. A SPC Procedure for Detecting Level Shifts of Autocorrelated Processes QICID: 11554 

16. Combining SPC and EPC in a Hybrid Industry QICID: 11540 

17. Charting Multivariate Data for Informative SPC QICID: 10673 

18. SPC's Effectiveness Prediction and Analysis QICID: 10745

19. SPC in Paint Application: Mission Impossible? QICID: 10747

20. Combining SPC with APC to Improve Quality* QICID: 11791

21. SPC - Generalization of Capability Index Cpm: Case of Unilateral Tolerances QICID: 11751 -

22. From SPC to DOE: A Case Study at Meco, Inc. QICID: 11806 

23. Another Look at "A Graphical Exploration of SPC" QICID: 13133 

24. Multivariate SPC Methods for Process and Product Monitoring QICID: 11458 

25. Multivariate SPC Methods for Process and Product Monitoring QICID: 11459

26. Multivariate SPC Methods for Process and Product Monitoring QICID: 11460

27. Quality Control by Prevention: A Field Study of An SPC and DOE Implementation QICID: 15089 

28. A Specific SPC Chart for Small-Batch Control QICID: 11720 

29. A Graphical Exploration of SPC QICID: 13109 

30. A Graphical Exploration of SPC QICID: 13078 

31. The Effects of SPC on the Target of Process Quality Improvement QICID: 11452 

32. Advanced SPC for Higher-Quality Electronic Card Manufacturing QICID: 11943 

33. Successfully Applying SPC to Improve Health Care: Barriers to Improving Quality and Reducing Liability QICID: 10270 

34. Using SPC in Two Mexican Poultry Processing Plants QICID: 10271

35. TQM/ISO 9000/SPC: Why Do Systems Fail QICID: 10357 

36. Applying SPC within the Financial Services Industry QICID: 10966 

37. Multivariate SPC Charts for Monitoring Batch Processes QICID: 13601 

38. SPC-Pro: An Expert System Approach for Variables Control Charts QICID: 11904 

39. Dynamic Graphics Improve Multivariate SPC QICID: 10064 

40. Modeling Discrete Data in SPC: The g and h Charts QICID: 10065

41. SPC Applications in the Service Industries QICID: 10168 

42. Proactive vs. Reactive SPC QICID: 12816 

43. The Integration of SPC With Automatic Test Equipments: A Case Study QICID: 11892 

44. Are Acceptance Sampling and SPC Complementary or Incompatible? QICID: 12735 

45. SPC in Printed Circuit Board Assembly QICID: 12715 

46. Translating SPC into Management Terms QICID: 9932 

47. Distribution-Free SPC QICID: 9964 

48. QFD, DOE, and SPC in a Process for Total Quality QICID: 9989 

49. SPC for a Biotech Product Specification Test QICID: 10008

50. DOE and SPC on the Shop Floor -- A Case Study QICID: 10029 

51. Using Accelerative Learning to Make TQM/SPC a Way of Life QICID: 9995 

52. Cumulative Sum Control Charting: An Underutilized SPC Tool QICID: 11651 

53. SPC and ANSI Y14.5 QICID: 15010 

54. Getting Operators To Really Use SPC; MCPs Can Help QICID: 9806 

55. Managing SPC, a Critical Quality System Element QICID: 9837 

56. Twin Metric Control: Improving SPC to Meet Supply Chain Realities of the 1990's QICID: 9852 

57. Yield Improvement Through SPC and DOE QICID: 9863 

58. SPC in Non-Manufacturing -- Applications and Opportunities QICID: 9920 

59. SPC Training and Decision Making with OC Curves QICID: 9869 

60. Tuna Canning Improvement through DOE, SPC QICID: 9864 

61. SPC and Computer Automated Test Systems QICID: 9856 

62. An SPC Model for Short Production Runs: Minimizing Expected Cost QICID: 13530 

63. Employee Support and Interaction Are the Keys to an SPC Program QICID: 12456 

64. Production Monitoring Enhances SPC QICID: 12457

65. SPC in Low-Vol. Manufacturing: A Case Study QICID: 11305 

66. SPC Q Charts for a Poisson Parameter Lambda: Short or Long Runs QICID: 11306 

67. SPC Q Charts for Start-Up Processes and Short or Long Runs QICID: 11314 

68. SPC Q Charts for a Binomial Parameter p: Short or Long Runs QICID: 11316 

69. A Need to Adapt SPC Training for Innumerate Operators QICID: 9613

70. Am I Done Yet?: Guidelines to Effective SPC QICID: 9713 

71. Implementing SPC at a Large Manufacturing Plant QICID: 9734 

72. SPC Hits the Road QICID: 12536 

73. SPC: What Data Should I Collect? What Charts Should I Use? QICID: 12538 

74. SPC in the Small Company (Doing It on the Cheap) QICID: 9501 

75. SPC Versus Automatic Process Control QICID: 9532 

76. Food Safety and Quality Control: SPC with HACCP QICID: 9538 

77. Application of SPC in PCBA Manufacture QICID: 9593 

78. Evolution to an Effective and Enduring SPC System QICID: 12431