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Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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California Management Review

CA Magazine (Toronto, Ont.)

California CPA

Canadian Business

Canadian Business Review

Canadian Tax Journal

Certified Accountant

CFO Magazine


CGA Magazine

CGMA Magazine



Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants' Journal of New Zealand

China Journal of Accounting Research

CMA Management

CMA: The Management Accounting Magazine

Cognition and Instruction

Columbia Journal of World Business

Commentaries on the Law of Accounting & Finance

Communications of the ACM

Compensation and Benefits Review

Computational Economics


Computers in Accounting

Computers & Operations Research

Computers in Industry


Connecticut CPA Quarterly

Construction Management and Economics

Contemporary Accounting Research


Contemporary Issues in Education Research

The Continental Bank Journal of Applied Corporate Finance.

Controller's Quarterly

Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly

Corporate Accounting

Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition

Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review

Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review

Corporate Finance Review

Corporate Ownership and Control

Cost and Management - (This became CMA: The Management Accounting Magazine and then CMA Management).

Cost Engineering

Cost Management (Name changed from Journal of Cost Management in 2003)

Bibliography from 1987

Cost Management Update

CPA Client Bulletin

CPA Client Bulletin

CPA Client Tax Letter

CPA Consultant

CPA Financial Services Advisor

CPA Journal (The CPA Journal)


CPA Voice

Credit Control

Critical Perspectives on Accounting

Current Accounts

Current Issues in Auditing

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