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Machine Learning

Main Street Practitioner: The Magazine for Tax and Accounting Professionals

Man and the Economy

Management Accounting (London, England)

Management Accounting (Changed to Strategic Finance March 1999)

Bibliography from 1965

Management Accounting Quarterly

Bibliography from 1999

Management Accounting Research

Bibliography from 1993

Management International Review

Management Planning

Management Review

Management Science

Bibliography from 1954

Management Services

Management Today

Managerial and Decision Economics: MDE.

Managerial Accounting eJournal

Managerial Auditing Journal

Managerial Planning

Manufacturing and Service Operations Management

Marketing Science

Massachusetts CPA Review Online

Mathematical Programming

McKinsey Quarterly


Medical Economics

Mid-Atlantic Journal of Business

Midrange Systems

Mind, Culture and Activity

MIT Sloan Management Review

Bibliography 1960 -

Modern Healthcare

Monthly Labor Review

Multicultural Perspectives

Multinational Business Review

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