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Constrained Optimization Controversy
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Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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1. A model that attempts to optimize an objective with a static set of constraints is

c. a constrained optimization model.

2. Which of the following represent constrained optimization techniques?

d. b. and c.

3. The key argument against constrained optimization models is that

a. because of a static viewpoint they do not promote continuous improvement.

4. The underlying assumptions of the linear cost-volume-profit model include

e. all of the above.

5. The constrained optimization controversy related to quality is mainly concerned with

b. the quality of conformance.

6. Companies that successfully implement the lean enterprise approach make the economic order quantity model less relevant by

e. all of the above.

7. A change in an automobile model’s standard equipment from manual windows to automatic windows represents

b. an improvement in the quality of design.

8. According to Morse, the tradeoff between cost and quality is related to

a. the quality of design.

9. According to the quality cost conformance model there is a tradeoff between

c. a. and b.

10. According to Morse, the main purpose of a quality cost program is to

e. provide a way to plan and control the cost associated with quality.

11. Which of the following does not represent prevention and appraisal costs?

a. Rework.

12. The traditional American management view of quality includes the view that

e. a., b. and c.

13. The optimum level of quality, in the model referred to above, is where

e. prevention and appraisal costs are equal to internal and external failure costs.

14. In the quality cost model, which of the following costs increase as quality increases?

b. Inspection.

15. The quality cost model associated with Juran is designed to determine the optimum cost of

b. conformance quality.

16. If we accept Deming’s view of quality, rather than Juran’s view, which of the following types of costs are misspecified (under or over specified) in the quality cost model?

d. External failure costs.

17. Which of the following terms is associated with Deming's view of robust quality?

c. robust quality.

18. In the zero defects model promoted by Juran

b. items outside specification limits are considered defects.

19. In the robust quality model promoted by Deming

a. items outside a target value are considered defects.

20. Which of the following are constrained optimization models?

e. all of the above.

21. Crosby said quality is free. According to Crosby this means that

e. b. and c.

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