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Decision Sciences 2014

Volume 45(1) - 45(6)

Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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Abbasi, B. and S. Z. Hosseinifard. 2014. On the issuing policies for perishable items such as red blood cells and platelets in blood service. Decision Sciences 45(5): 995-1020.

Bai, G., S. H. Hsu and R. Krishnan. 2014. Accounting performance and capacity investment decisions: Evidence from California hospitals. Decision Sciences 45(2): 309-339.

Basole, R. C. and M. A. Bellamy. 2014. Supply network structure, visibility, and risk diffusion: A computational approach. Decision Sciences 45(4): 753-789.

Benedek, G., A. Lubloy and G. Vastag. 2014. The importance of social embeddedness: Churn models at mobile providers. Decision Sciences 45(1): 175-201.

Chuang, H. H., G. Lu, D. X. Peng and G. R. Heim. 2014. Impact of value-added service features in e-retailing processes: An econometric analysis of web site functions. Decision Sciences 45(6): 1159-1186.

Chung, W., S. Talluri and R. Narasimhan. 2014. Quantity flexibility contract in the presence of discount incentive. Decision Sciences 45(1): 49-79.

Demir, E. 2014. A decision support tool for predicting patients at risk of readmission: A comparison of classification trees, logistic regression, generalized additive models, and multivariate adaptive regression splines. Decision Sciences 45(5): 849-880.

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Ganguly, S., S. Lawrence and M. Prather. 2014. Emergency department staff planning to improve patient care and reduce costs. Decision Sciences 45(1): 115-145.

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Touboulic, A., D. Chicksand and H. Walker. 2014. Managing imbalanced supply chain relationships for sustainability: A power perspectice. Decision Sciences 45(4): 577-619. Erratum. 2014. Managing imbalanced supply chain relationships for sustainability: A power perspective. Decision Sciences 45(5): 1021.

Yan, H., T. Ma and V. Huynh. 2014. Coping with group behaviors in uncertain quality function deployment. Decision Sciences 45(6): 1025-1052.

Yang, C., C. Wei and Y. Chaing. 2014. Exploiting technological indicators for effective technology merger and acquisition (M&A) predictions. Decision Sciences 45(1): 147-174.

Yayla, A. A. and Q. Hu. 2014. The effect of board of directors' IT awareness on CIO compensation and firm performance. Decision Sciences 45(3): 401-436.

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Zobel, C. W. 2014. Quantitatively representing nonlinear disaster recovery. Decision Sciences 45(6): 1053-1082.