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Decision Sciences 2015

Volume 46(1) - 46(6)

Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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Apte, A., S. K. Heath, A. Pico and Y. H. R. Tan. 2015. Evacuating people with mobility-challenges in a short-notice disaster. Decision Sciences 46(4): 731-754.

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Decision Sciences. 2015. Foreword. Decision Sciences 46(1): 5.

Decision Sciences. 2015. Foreword from the editors. Decision Sciences 46(2): 223-224.

Decision Sciences. 2015. Foreword from the editors. Decision Sciences 46(3): 489-490.

Decision Sciences. 2015. Foreword. Decision Sciences 46(4): 661-662.

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Ishfaq, R. and U. Raja. 2015. Bridging the healthcare access divide: A strategic planning model for rural telemedicine network. Decision Sciences 46(4): 755-790.

Joshi, M. P., S. R. Das and N. Mouri. 2015. Antecedents of innovativeness in technology-based services (TBS): Peering into the black box of entrepreneurial orientation. Decision Sciences 46(2): 367-402.

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Marquis, J., E. S. Gel, J. W. Fowler, M. Koksalan, P. Korhonen and J. Wallenius. 2015. Impact of number interactions, different interaction patterns, and human inconsistencies on some hybrid evolutionary multiobjective optimization algorithms. Decision Sciences 46(5): 981-1006.

Muralidhar, K., C. M. O'Keefe and R. Sarathy. 2015. A bootstrap mechanism for response masking in remote analysis systems. Decision Sciences 46(6): 1199-1226.

Narasimhan, R., T. Schoenherr, B. W. Jacobs and M. K. Kim. 2015. The financial impact of FSC certification in the United States: A contingency perspective. Decision Sciences 46(3): 527-563.

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Park, I., J. Cho and H. R. Rao. 2015. The dynamics of pre- and post-purchase service and consumer evaluation of online retailers: A comparative analysis of dissonance and disconfirmation models. Decision Sciences 46(6): 1109-1140.

Power, D., R. Klassen, T. J. Kull and D. Simpson. 2015. Competitive goals and plant investment in environmental and safety practices: Moderating effect of national culture. Decision Sciences 46(1): 63-100.

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