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Decision Sciences 2017

Volume 48(1) - 48(6)

Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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Bachrach, D. G., E. Bendoly, D. B. Ammeter, R. Blackburn, K. G. Brown, G. Burke, T. Callahan, K. Y. Chen, V. H. Day, A. E. Ellstrand, O. H. Erekson, J. A. Gomez, T. Greenlee, R. Handfield, M. L. Loudder, M. Malhotra, K. R. Petroni, A. Sevilla, S. Shafer, M. Shih and D. Voss. 2017. On academic rankings, unacceptable methods, and the social obligations of business schools. Decision Sciences 48(3): 561-585.

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Li, F. and Z. Yi 2017. Trail or no trial: Supplying costly signals to improve profits. Decision Sciences 48(4): 795-827.

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Li, T. and M. Yu. 2017. Coordinating a supply chain when facing strategic consumers. Decision Sciences 48(2): 336-355.

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