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Baker, E. M. 1999. Scoring a Whole in One: People in Enterprise Playing in Concert (Best Management Practices). Crisp Publications.

Contents provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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Scoring a Whole in One includes the following sections. The book is about teamwork and systems thinking.

I. When Human Enterprise is a System

Relevance of mental maps.

There is no accounting for the cost of provincialism.

What cost accounting misses.

A system is a map.

A system operates over time and place.

A system is not a collection; System means interdependence.

Systems are contained within systems.

The whole emerges through interaction of its parts.

Human relationships that fit: The Economics of cooperation.

Competitors are part of the system.

II. When Human Enterprise is a Social Ecology

Lessons from systems behaving naturally.

Whole in a whole.

The enterprise-in-the-individual.

The individual-in-the-enterprise.

III. Leading the Enterprise in Concert

Leadership that connects.

Practice is necessary, but doesn't make perfect.

Scoring without numbers: Enterprise can't live by figures alone.

IV. A Framework to Score a Whole in One

Two individuals make a relationship.

Orchestrating interactions in manufacturing.

Interactions matrix.

V. A Retail Furniture Business in Concert

Constraints on performance become obvious.

First a hop of faith, then a leap.

People see the business as a whole system.

Interactions matrix.

A leap of performance.

Ongoing learning of individuals and evolution of the enterprise.

VI. A Custom Job Shop in Concert

Production tooling: The system in focus.

Interactions matrix.

VII. A Corporate Staff in Concert

Interactions matrix.

Hidden critical interdependencies are revealed.

Partnerships are formed.

Learning continues.