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LaFollett, G. 2015. Expanding your app-titude. Journal of Accountancy (January-December).

Summary by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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The following includes short summaries of the apps provided by LaFollett in the 12 issues of the Journal of Accountancy during 2015.

(January): 74. Apps include Perch and Umano

Perch collects data from social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) in a single platform and uses the GPS power of your mobile device to recognize your location. It will give you a bird's eye view of social activity, consumer reviews, and promotions for you and your competitors that you put on a list.

Umano chooses some of the best articles from the internet, based on your content preferences, and reads them to you.

(February): 74. Apps include Slideshark and on line storage at Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive, and Box Personal

Slideshark stores and delivers Powerpoint presentations on an ipad.

Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive, and Box Personal provide online file storage and synchronization.,,, and

(March): 74. Apps include Mobilday and Abbyy's Textgrabber

Mobileday stores the dial-in and ID numbers obtained from your calendar. When its time for a conference call, you type in attendees and the time, and it makes the connections using the conference service you use.

Abbyy's Textgrabber plus the Translator app converts your photo or screen shot into text that can be edited and exported. It can translate the text into just about any language using Google Translate.

(April/May): 114-115. Apps include Kabbage, Buypartisan, and Seamless-Grubhub

Kabbage harvests real-time data from financial platforms provided by the user (e.g., eBay, QuickBooks on line), combines them with credit reports and other data and then provides a quick credit answer providing a borrower with instant access to capital.

Seamless-Grubhub provides online food ordering., and

(June): 89. Apps include Coinbase and Irs2go

Coinbase enables you to register an account, fund it, and then it handles all aspects of transactions with Bitcoin including between your bank and your Coinbase account.

IRS2Go is an IRS app that lets you check your tax refund status.

(July): 82. Apps include Scanbizcards and Tripit

Scanbizcards lets you take a picture of a business card and then it recognizes the name, title, company, email address, phone etc. for future contact.

Tripit gathers all trip information from confirmations (ticket, hotel, car rental) that you email to the app and provide automated travel management.

(August): 80. Apps include Sayhitranslate, and Transferwise

Sayhitranslate allows you to specify the source and target languages, speak in your language, and then it speaks back to you in the target language.

Transferwise is an app for foreign currency settlement. You enter the amount and recipient, upload the money (debit card or bank transfer) and the app converts it at the midmarket rate, then sends all parties an email confirmation.

(September): 102. Apps include Itunes U, AGOGO,  and Amazon's Audible

Itunes U provides college level courses from thousands of colleges and universities free delivered via podcast to your device.

AGOGO lets you create channels for books, business, interviews, politics, music, news, and television programs.

Amazon's Audible allows you to download books (that you pay for) onto your device and then listen to them for "a rich immersive experience."

(October): 90. Apps include Charlie, and Notability

Charlie searches the web for information about the people who will be attending conferences and meetings alerting you to recent news about their company, their competition, shared interests etc.

Notability combines files (e.g., Office, jpg, pdf, PowerPoint) with your typed or written notes and audio, and then synchronizes them across your devices.

(November): 82. Apps include: Simple In/Out, and Strikingly

SimpleIn/Out's iPad app (Frontdesk) uses iBeacon to track when an employee's smart phone is in the area.

(December): 84. Apps include Invoice2go, and Square Register

Invoice2go generates and delivers a professional looking invoice from a smartphone or tablet.

Square Register provides mobile and premises-based credit card processing.