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AAHE Bulletin


Bibliography from 1965

Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal

Academy of Management Perspectives

Academy of Management Learning & Education

Academy of Management Journal

Bibliography from 1958 with JSTOR links

Academy of Management Review


Accountancy Ireland

The Accountant

Accountants Journal

Accounting and Business

Accounting and Business Research

Accounting and the Public Interest

Bibliography from 2001

Accounting Business Research

Accounting and Finance

Accounting, Auditing, & Accountability Journal

Accounting, Business & Financial History

became Accounting History Review

Accounting, Economics and Law

Accounting Education: An International Journal

The Accounting Educators Journal

Accounting Enquiries

Accounting Forum

The Accounting Historians Journal

Bibliography from 1974

Accounting Historians Notebook

Accounting History

Accounting History Review

Accounting Horizons

Bibliography from 1987

Accounting Instructors Report

Accounting, Management and Information Technologies

Accounting, Organizations and Society

Bibliography from 1976

Accounting Research Journal

The Accounting Review

Bibliography from 1926 with JSTOR links

Accounting Technology

Accounting Today

Accounting World

Acquisition Review Quarterly

Across the Board

Administrative Management

Administrative Science Quarterly

Bibliography from 1956 with JSTOR links

Advanced Management Journal

Advances in Accounting


Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research

Advances in Accounting Education

Advances in Accounting Information systems: A Research Annual

Advances in Environmental Accounting & Management


Advances in Financial Planning and Forecasting

Advances in International Accounting

Advances in Management Accounting

Bibliography from 1992

Advances in Public Interest Accounting

Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting

Advances in Taxation

Akron Business and Economic Review

Alabama CPA Magazine

The American Economic Review

The American Economist

American Journal of Business Education

American Journal of Engineering Education

American Journal of Health Sciences

American Journal of Small Business

Annals of the CIRP

Application of Fuzzy Logic and the Theory of Evidence in Accounting

Applied Economics

Applied Economics Letters

Applied Financial Economics

Applied Measurement in Education

Appraisal Journal

Annals of Operations Research

Armed Forces Controller

Arthur Andersen Chronicle

Asia-Pacific Financial Markets

The Asset

Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory


The Australian Accountant

Australian Accounting Review

Australian CPA

Australian tax review

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