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Decision Sciences 2019

Volume 50(1) - 50(6)

Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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Bruccoleri, M., F. Riccobono and A. GroBler. 2019. Shared leadership regulates operational team performance in the presence of extreme decisional consensus/conflict: Evidences from business process reengineering. Decision Sciences 50(1): 46-83.

Cao, X. and X. Fang. 2019. Component procurement for an assembly supply chain with random capacities and random demand. Decision Sciences 50(6): 1259-1280.

Ceryan, O. 2019. Asymmetric pricing and replenishment controls for substitutable products. Decision Sciences 50(5): 1093-1119.

Chen, Y., M. J. Rungtusanatham and S. M. Goldstein. 2019. Historical supplier performance and strategic relationship dissolution: Unintentional but serious supplier error as a moderator. Decision Sciences 50(6): 1224-1258.

Chen, Y., X. Zhao, W. Zhu and J. Xie. 2019. How precious are scarce products? An Experimental study on a turn-and-earn allocation mechanism. Decision Sciences 50(5): 1031-1059.

Cho, D. and K. Cattani. 2019. The patient patient: The performance of traditional versus open-access scheduling policies. Decision Sciences 50(4): 756-785.

Choi, M., E. Rabinovich and T. J. Richards. 2019. Supply chain contracts and inventory shrinkage: An empirical analysis in the grocery retailing industry. Decision Sciences 50(4): 694-725.

Dixon, M. J. and G. M. Thompson. 2019. The impact of timing and bundling flexibility on affect-based service package design. Decision Sciences 50(5): 948-984.

Dong, B., M. Li and K. Sivakumar. 2019. Online review characteristics and trust: A cross-country examination. Decision Sciences 50(3): 537-566.

Geng, Q. and S. Mallik. 2019. Managing television commercial inventory under competition: An equilibrium analysis. Decision Sciences 50(1): 170-201.

Gupta, A., G. B. Wilkerson, R. Sharda and M. A. Colston. 2019. Who is more injury-prone? Prediction and assessment of injury risk. Decision Sciences 50(2): 374-409.

Im, G., A Rai and L. S. Lambert. 2019. Governance and resource-sharing ambidexterity for generating relationship benefits in supply chain collaborations. Decision Sciences 50(4): 656-693.

Ishfaq, R. and A. Narayanan. 2019. Incorporating order-fulfillment flexibility in automotive supply chain through vehicle trades. Decision Sciences 50(1): 84-117.

Jahani, H., B. Abbasi and S. Talluri. 2019. Supply chain network redesign: A technical note on optimising financial performance. Decision Sciences 50(6): 1319-1353.

Johnsen, L. C., G. Voigt and C. J. Corbett. 2019. Behavioral contract design under asymmetric forecast information. Decision Sciences 50(4): 786-815.

Johnston, A. C. M. Warkentin, A. R. Dennis and M. Siponen. 2019. Speak their language: Designing effective messages to improve employees' information security decision making. Decision Sciences 50(2): 245-284.

Kumar, R. L. and S. Park. 2019. A portfolio approach to supply chain risk management. Decision Sciences 50(2): 210-244.

Li, K., L Wang, D. Chhajed and S. Mallik. 2019. The impact of quality perception and consumer valuation change on manufacturer's optimal warranty, pricing, and market coverage strategies. Decision Sciences 50(2): 311-339.

Lu. G., X. Koufteros, S. Talluri and G. T. M. Hult. 2019. Deployment of supply chain security practices: Antecedents and consequences. Decision Sciences 50(3): 459-497.

Ma, S., L. Guo, S. P. Sethi and X. Zhao. 2019. Advance selling in the presence of market power and risk-averse consumers. Decision Sciences 50(1): 142-169.

Moline, J., J. Goentzel and E. Gralla. 2019. Approaches for locating and staffing FEMA's disaster recovery centers. Decision Sciences 50(5): 917-947.

Pagell, M., F. Wiengarten, D. Fan, P. Humphreys and C. K. Y. Lo. 2019. Managerial time horizons and the decision to put operational workers at risk: The role of debt. Decision Sciences 50(3): 582-611.

Pathak, S., P. K. Sen, J. Jayaram and J. M. Miller. 2019. "Like poles repel while unlike poles attract": Contextual performance effects of supply base R & D, focal firm R & D, and commercialization. Decision Sciences 50(5): 985-1030.

Rekik, Y., A. A. Syntetos and C. H. Glock. 2019. Modeling (and learning from) inventory inaccuracies in e-retailing/B2B contexts. Decision Sciences 50(6): 1184-1223.

Shang, G., M. E. Ferguson and M. R. Galbreth. 2019. Where should I focus my return reduction efforts? Empirical guidance for retailers. Decision Sciences 50(4): 877-909.

Singhal, K., J. Singhal and S. Kumar. 2019. The value of the customer's waiting time for general queues*. Decision Sciences 50(3): 567-581.

Sokolinskiy, O., B. Sopranzetti, D. S. Rogers and R. Leuschner. 2019. Inventory management and endogenous demand: Investigating the role of customer referrals, defections, and product market failure. Decision Sciences 50(1): 118-141.

Solomon, S., H. Li, K. Womer and C. Santos. 2019. Multiperiod stochastic resource planning in professional services organizations. Decision Sciences 50(6): 1281-1318.

Su, D., M. S. Johar and R. L. Kumar. 2019. Design of contracts and workflow for knowledge intensive IT service environments. Decision Sciences 50(3): 418-458.

Sun, L., X. Zheng, Y. Jin, M. Jiang and H. Wang. 2019. Estimating promotion effects using big data: A partially profiled LASSO model with endogeneity correction. Decision Sciences 50(4): 816-846.

Syed, R., G. Dhillon and J. Merrick. 2019. The identity management value model: A design science approach to assess value gaps on social media. Decision Sciences 50(3): 498-536.

Tian, Z., S. Y. Tang and P. Kouvelis. 2019. Soft order commitment in supply chains: Role of penalties and rationing rules. Decision Sciences 50(2): 340-373.

Toyasaki, F. and T. Wakolbinger. 2019. Joint fundraising appeals: Allocation rules and conditions that encourage aid agencies' collaboration. Decision Sciences 50(3): 612-648.

Von Briel, F., C. Schneider and P. B. Lowry. 2019. Absorbing knowledge from and with external partners: The role of social integration mechanism. Decision Sciences 50(1): 7-45.

Von Falkenhausen, C., M. Fleischmann and C. Bode. 2019. How to find the right supply chain strategy? An analysis of contingency variables. Decision Sciences 50(4): 726-755.

Wang, C. 2019. Behavioral operations and supply chain management - A review and literature mapping. Decision Sciences 50(6): 1127-1183.

Yang, S. Y., F. Liu, X. Zhu and D. C. Yen. 2019. A graph mining approach to identify financial reporting patterns: An empirical examination of industry classifications. Decision Sciences 50(4): 847-876.

Zhang, Z., P. P. Leszczyc, R. Qu and J. Kissan. 2019. A joint model of pricing, rebate value, and redemption hassle. Decision Sciences 50(5): 1060-1092.

Zhao, X., K. Zhao and J. Deng. 2019. Geography still matters: Examine the role of location in online markets for foreign branded products. Decision Sciences 50(2): 285-310.