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Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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Baker, J. W. 1913. 20th Century Bookkeeping and Accounting: A treatise on Modern Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Business Customs, as Illustrated in the "Business Transactions" Which Accompany This Work. South-Western Publishing Co.

Basset, W. R. 1918. Accounting as an aid to business profits. A. W. Shaw Co.

Baugh, F. H. 1915. Principles and Practice of Cost Accounting for Accountants, Manufacturers, Mechanical Engineers, Teachers and Students. F. H. Baugh.

Bentley, H. C. and T. Conyngton. 1908. Corporate finance and accounting: Treating of the corporate finances and securities; the corporate books of account; reports; negotiable instruments; and the powers, duties and relations of the corporation treasures, with forms. The Ronald Press.

Bexell, J. A. 1909. Farm Accounting and Business Methods. The Home Correspondence School.

Bookkeeper Publishing Co. 1901. Accounting Systems for the Wholesale Grocery and Hardware Business. The Bookkeeper Publishing Company.

Bookkeeper Publishing Co. 1901. Retail Accounting: A text book for the use of book-keepers who keep the accounts of retail business, with special attention to the requirements of general stores, drug stores, bakeries, creameries and ice businesses. The Book-Keeper Publishing Company.

Bookkeeper Publishing Co. 1904. The American Business and Accounting Encyclopaedia: A Standard Reference Work for Business Men and Accountants profusely Illustrated... The Book-Keeper Publishing Company.

Borsodi, R. 1922. The New Accounting: Bookkeeping without books of original entry by use of a natural system of double entry bookkeeping. Dodd, Mead and Company.

Brown, R. 1905. ed. A History of Accounting and Accountants. The Accountancy Publishing Company.

Bunnell, S. H. 1911. Cost-Keeping for Manufacturing Plants. D. Appleton and Company.

Carter, F. H. 1890. Practical Book-keeping Adapted to Commercial and Judicial Accounting: With Sets of Books and Accounts. Bell & Bradfutte.

Carthage, P. I. 1920. Retail Organization and Accounting Control. D. Appleton and Company.

Cole, W. M. 1910. Accounting and Auditing. Cree Publishing Company.

Day, C. M. 1908. Accounting Practice. Appleton.

Dicksee, L. R. and J. E. G. De Montmorency. 1903. Advanced accounting. Gee & Co.

Harrison, G. C. 1918. Cost accounting to aid production. The Engineering Magazine Co.

Harrison, G. C. 1921. Cost Accounting To Aid Production: A Practical Study of Scientific Cost Accounting. The Engineering Magazine Company.

Hawkins, L. W. 1905. Cost accounts: An explanation of principles and a guide to practice. Gee & Co.

Hoover, S. R. 1920. Bookkeeping and accounting practice: The Hoover system of modern bookkeeping - easy to learn and practical to use. A. W. Shaw Company.

Hutchinson, J. H. 1914. School Costs and School Accounting. Columbia University.

Insurance Accounting and Statistical Association. 1954. Insurance Accounting: Fire & Casualty. The Spectator.

Jackson, H. A. 1914. Better store system and department accounting: A system for departmentizing a store, or for department stores. Press of the Grinnell Herald Publishing Co.

Johnson, J. F. 1914. Modern Business: Accounting Practice. Alexander Hamilton Institute.

Johnson, J. F., L. Greendlinger and J. W. Schulze. 1914. Accounting Practice: A comprehensive statement of accounting principles and methods, illustrated by modern forms and problems. Alexander Hamilton Institute.

Keister, D. A. and H. C. White. 1912. Keister's Corporation Accounting and Auditing: A Practical Treatise on Higher Accounting... The Burrows Brothers Company.

Kent, W. 1918. Bookkeeping and Cost Accounting for Factories. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Kester, R. B. 1917. Accounting Theory and Practice, Volume 1. The Ronald Press Company.

Klein, J. J. 1915. Student's handbook of accounting: Solutions to questions in theory of accounts, practical accounting, and auditing contained in elements of accounting for the use of teachers, students and practicing accountants. D. Appleton and Company.

Koehler, T. 1922. The Accounting Quiz-answerer. The Tri-service Accounting Corporation.

Littleton, A. C. 1919. An Introduction to Elementary Accounting. South-Western Publishing Co.

Mackay, J. S., E. Boyd, J. R. Fogo, A. Sloan and J. Patrick. 1905. A history of accounting and accountants. T. C. & E. C. Jack.

Macpherson, F. H. 1901. Municipal Accounting: A comprehensive Treatise on the Subject of Municipal Accounts... The Book-keeper Publishing Company.

Madden, J. T. 1917. Accounting Practice and Auditing. Alexander Hamilton Institute.

May, I. A. 1917. Street Railway Accounting: A Manual of Operating Practice for Electric Railways. The Ronald Press Company.

Montgomery, R. H. 1913. Auditing Theory and Practice. The Ronald Press Company.

Moore, J. H. and G. W. Miner. 1903. Accounting and business practice. Ginn & Company.

Moxey, E. P. Jr. 1911. Accounting Systems: A description of systems appropriate to different kinds of business. Alexander Hamilton Institute.

Moxey, E. P., H. D. Greeley, H. M. Jefferson and O. A. Grundman. 1913. Practical accounting methods: A description of systems appropriate to various kinds of business. Key.

Neal, E. V. 1899. Modern Banking and Bank Accounting: Containing a Complete Exposition on the Most Approved Methods of Bank Accounting, Designed as a Text Book... Williams & Rogers.

Newlove, G. H. 1921. C. P. A. Accounting: Theory, Questions, and Problems, Volume 2. Association Press.

Nicholson, J. L. and J. F. D. Rohrbach. 1919. Cost Accounting. Ronald Press Co.

Powelson, J. A. 1922. General accounting, Volume 2. Syracuse Extension Institute of Accountancy, Inc.

Racine, S. F. 1918. Accounting Principles. The Western Institute of Accountancy, Commerce and Finance.

Rahill, J. J. and A. G. Platt. 1905. Corporation Accounting and Corporation Law: A Manual of Corporate Organization and Management: Accounting in Theory and Practice: Banking, with Special Reference to the National Banking System, and a Treatise on Stock Exchanges. The Author.

Reeve, F. E. and F. C. Russell. 1921. Accounting principles. Alexander Hamilton Institute.

Rittenhouse, C. F. and A. L. Percy. 1922. Accounting Problems: Intermediate. McGraw-Hill Book Company.

Rittenhouse, C. F. and P. F. Clapp. 1918. Accounting theory and practice, Volume 1. McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.

Scovill, H. T. 1918. Farm Accounting. D. Appleton and Company.

Sherwood, J. F. 1920. Public Accounting and Auditing. South-Western Publishing Co.

Sikes, C. S. 1917. Railway Accounting, Volume 1. La Salle Extension University.

Stewart, E. 1913. Tannery production costs and methods of accounting. Rogers & Atwood Publishing Co.

Strayer, S. I., H. W. Wright and Strayer's Business College. 1918. Modern Bookkeeping, Accounting and Business Practice. The Modern Text Book Company.

Sweetland, C. A. 1902. The Science of Loose Leaf Book-keeping and Accounting. C. A. Sweetland.

The Accountant, Volume 35. 1906. Lafferty Publications, Ltd.

Thorne, W. W. 1908. American Business and Accounting Encyclopedia, Volume 1. The Business Man's Publishing Company, Limited.

United Typothetae of America. 1918. Treatise on the Standard Accounting System for Printers: To be used with the Standard Cost Finding System with which it Interlocks. United Typothetae of America.

Wildman, J. R. 1922. Principles of accounting. New York University Book Store.

Willis, H. P. 1916. The principles of accounting. La Salle Extension University.