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Kamenetz, A. 2009. Who needs Harvard? Free online courses, Wiki universities, Facebook-style tutoring networks - American higher education is being transformed by a cadre of web-savvy edupunks. Fast Company (September): 84-89.

Summary by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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Kamenetz, discusses the transformation of higher education based on a variety of innovative concepts and web sites. The following note provides links to the web sites and a comment for each site related to what its all about.

OpenCourseWare Consortium - Open content. 200 institutions in 32 countries have posted courses on line. Lots of accounting courses listed, mostly at MIT.

Flat World Knowledge - This group commissions authors to write open-source textbooks that are free online, $19.95 for a download and $29.95 for a print on demand copy. Two accounting courses listed. Financial accounting and a Tax course.

Knewton - Adaptive learning engine plans to customize content for each student.

Peer-2Peer University - "Hacking education - putting something together on the fly". This site allows students to schedule classes, meet online, and tutor each other. A volunteer facilitator helps facilitate the process.

Creative Commons - A non profit organization set up to create the intellectual and legal framework needed to share on line content without the expense and hassle of commercial copyright.

Academic Earth - Includes video lectures and other academic content from a variety of sources.

MIT's OpenCourseWare - MIT's site includes syllabi, lecture notes, class exercises, exams, and video for MIT courses.

Western Governors University - On line university with $2,890 tuition for a six month term. Competency based rather than time based education. No credit hours and no grades. Degrees are based on a series of assessments that measure competencies. Includes a BS in accounting.

2Tor Inc - Multimedia social learning platform for the Master of Arts in teaching.

Grockit - Provides a live multiplayer game for test prep.

Inigral - A social web for education to help colleges with recruiting, retention and alumni relations.


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