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Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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Abandonment Losses
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Accountants Relief Foundation
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Accounting Changes - See the Accounting Changes Bibliography

Accounting and Business Machines

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Accounts Receivable Records (See MAAW's Cash Related Topic)
Zeigler, N. B. 1938. Accounts receivable records and methods. N.A.C.A. Bulletin (January 15): 581-594.
Activity Based Costing (See MAAW's ABC Topic )

Ad Agency
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Advertising (See MAAW's Marketing, Sales and Advertising Topic )

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Affirmative Action
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Aged Care (Also see Nursing)
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Agency Sales
Finney, H. A. 1921. Agency sales. Journal of Accountancy (May): 385-387.
Agency Theory (See MAAW's Agency Theory Topic )

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Agriculture (Also see Farms)
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Aid Agency
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Aircraft Design
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Aircraft Modification and Repair
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Aircraft Operations
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Aircraft Production
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Alcohol (Also see Breweries)
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Amusement Parks (Also see Theme Parks)
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Analog Devices
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Anthracite Mine (Also see Mining)
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Apartments (See Real Estate)
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Apparel Manufacture (Also see Clothing, and Garment)
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Appliance (Also see Manufacturing, and Retail)
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Appraisals (See MAAW's Value & Valuation Topic)

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Armed Forces
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Asset Securitization Transactions
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Atomic Energy
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Audit and Auditing (See MAAW's Auditing Section)

Auto Dealer

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Auto Rentals (Also see Rentals)
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Automobile Accessories and Parts
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Automobile Fleets
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Automobile Leasing (Also see MAAW's Lease Topic )
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Automobile Manufacturer (See MAAW's GM and Saturn Topic )
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Automotive Distributor
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Awards (See Tournaments)
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Balanced Scorecard (See MAAW's Balanced Scorecard Topic )


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Banks (See MAAW's Banking Accounting and Management Bibliography)

Bargain Purchase Gain

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Bars and Pubs
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Baseball (Also see Sports Teams)
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Beer (Also see Breweries)
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Beet Sugar (Also see Sugar)
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Beverage Cans
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Bill and Hold Transactions
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Biological Assets

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Blended Value

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Block Community

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Blockchain and Bitcoin (See MAAW's Blockchain Bibliography)

Boat Maker (Also see Ships)

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Bonds (Also see Debt and MAAW's Bonds Bibliography)

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