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Wren, D. A. and R. D. Hay. 1977. Management historians and business historians: Differing perceptions of pioneer contributors. The Academy of Management Journal 20(3): 470-476. (JSTOR link).

Note by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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The purpose of this article is to present survey opinions from three groups related to who should be honored by commemorative U.S. stamps for contributions to American business and management thought and practice. The following rankings were adapted from Wren and Hay's Tables 1, 2, and 3.

Survey of Business
History Conference
Survey of Management History Division of the Academy of Management Survey of randomly selected members of the Academy of Management
1. Taylor, Frederick W.
2. DuPont, Pierre
3. Rockefeller, John D.
4. Carnegie, Andrew
5. Sloan, Alfred P. Jr.
6. Edison, Thomas
7. Ford, Henry
8. McCormick, Cyrus
9. Whitney, Eli
10. Slater, Samuel
11. Wharton, Joseph
12. Watson, Thomas
13. McCallum, Daniel
14. Giannini, A. P.
15. Sears, Robert
16. Barnard, Chester
17. Filene, Edward
18. Mayo, Elton
19. Gilbreth, Frank
20. Westinghouse, George
1. Taylor, Frederick W.
2. Barnard, Chester
3. Gilbreth, Frank
4. Gilbreth, Lillian
5. Mayo, Elton
6. Follett, Mary Parker
7. Gantt, Henry L.
8. Sloan, Alfred P. Jr.
9. Maslow, Abraham
10. Ford, Henry
11. Wharton, Joseph
12. Roethlisberger, Fritz
13. Emerson, Harrington
14. Lewin, Kurt
15. Mooney, James D.
16. Munsterberg, Hugo
17. Edison, Thomas
18. Slater, Samuel
19. DuPont, Pierre
20. Poor, Henry V.
1. Taylor, Frederick W.
2. Barnard, Chester
3. Mayo, Elton
4. Gilbreth, Frank
5. Gilbreth, Lillian
6. Sloan, Alfred P. Jr.
7. Roethlisberger, Fritz
8. Follett, Mary Parker
9. Maslow, Abraham
10. Lewin, Kurt
11. Ford, Henry
12. Wharton, Joseph
13. Edison, Thomas
14. Watson, Thomas
15. Carnegie, Andrew
16. Whitney, Eli
17. Gantt, Henry L.
18. Munsterberg, Hugo
19. Penney, J. C.
20. Tead, Ordway


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