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How to Help MAAW
Promote Accounting and Management

Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

You can help in several ways:

1. Simply tell other students, faculty, and practicing accountants about MAAW.

2. If you have a Web Site, Blog, Facebook page, or LinkedIn page, link to MAAW's Home Page at or one of MAAW's 1,500+ other pages.

3. Print a copy of one of the following and tack it to your organization's Bulletin Board.

Management And Accounting Web

MAAW Word Cloud

4. Write a signed recommendation for the MAAW site that I have your permission to use in promotion materials. Something fairly short, similar to the recommendations you find on the back of a book cover. See MAAW's Endosements Page. Send it to me at

5. Use one or more of the following tag lines on your web site, blog, Facebook page or LinkedIn page to promote MAAW:

An accounting archive wide and deep,
with extensive resources for you to reap.

An accounting archive with works aplenty,
View them here without spending a penny.

Topics, authors, journals and more,
Find them all here without leaving your door.

Much accounting wisdom is hidden in the past,
Find it here to move up fast.

Libraries are nice if you have all day,
Look here first to avoid the delay.

Accountants have written many great words,
This site shows that they are not nerds.

Accounting literature is wide and deep,
View it here without losing sleep.

Search engines will find all of MAAW’s pages,
Come in direct to skip those stages.

Finance is one thing, accounting’s another,
They find you the money, we help you discover.

An accounting system has multiple parts,
View them here to add to your smarts.

 Some think accountants only keep the score,
This site shows we do that plus a lot more.

Accounting web pages there are many,
On this site you’ll find aplenty.

An eclectic site for accountants with ambition,
Study here to accomplish your mission.

Accounting theory, practice and more,
Find it here to help you score.

Accounting reports support the market,
Without, the economy would drop like a rocket.

Strategy canvases, scorecards and maps,
Check them out here to avoid the traps.

The balanced scorecard is a popular tool,
Learn about it here without going to school.

6. If you would like to contribute in some other way, send me an e-mail message at