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December 1919 - June 1957 (Note)

Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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Concepts of Depreciation Held by 52 Executives in 18 American Corporations
From James, R. G. 1954. What do executives think depreciation is? N.A.C.A. Bulletin (May): 1139.
  Recovery of Historical Cost Recovery of Productive Capacity Recovery of Competitive Capacity Recovery of Change in Value Recovery of "Real" Investment Total
Accountants and Controllers 4 5 1 5 3 18
Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Treasurers 0 16 6 2 10 34
Total 21 7 7 13 52

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Note: The original publication started with the December 1919 issue and was titled National Association of Cost Accountants Official Publications. The title was changed to N.A.C.A. Bulletin in 1925 and published as a semimonthly publication (24 issues per volume) through August 1949. The N.A.C.A. Bulletin became a monthly publication with the September 1949 issue.

The title was changed to N.A.A. Bulletin beginning with the July 1957 issue when the name of the organization was changed from National Association of Cost Accountants to National Association of Accountants. The last issue of the N.A.A. Bulletin was the August 1965 issue.

The first issue of Management Accounting was the September 1965 issue. The last issue of Management Accounting was the February 1999 issue.

The title of the publication was changed to Strategic Finance beginning with the March 1999 issue. The name of the organization was changed from National Association of Accountants to Institute of Management Accountants in June of 1991.

Management Accounting Quarterly was first published in the Fall of 1999.

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