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Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

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Sales (See Retail and MAAW's Marketing Section)
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Sales Administration
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Salesman and Purchasing Agents
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Salmon (Also see Fish)
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Sand Castings
Stutler, D. C. 1972. Cost accounting for sand castings. Management Accounting (April): 27-30.
Sarbanes-Oxley (See MAAW's SOX Bibliography)

Savings and Loan (Also see Banks)
Merchant, K. A. 1989. Instructional case: Bedlington Federal Savings. Issues in Accounting Education (Fall): 359-374.

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Schools (Also see Universities)
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Scrap (See MAAW's Spoilage, Rework and Scrap Topic)

Seasonal Business
Kreger, P. 1958. Better accounting for fixed expenses in a seasonal business. N.A.A. Bulletin (April): 65-70.

Roth, K. A. 1994. Theme park accounting: What do we really do all winter? Management Accounting (February): 48-51.
Second Life (See MAAW's Second Life Section)
Johnson, R. A. and J. M. Middleton. 2008. Accounting for second life. Journal of Accountancy (June): 54-58. (Summary).
Securities and Exchange Commission (See MAAW's SEC Bibliography)

Perry, R. E. 1993. Accounting for securitizations. Accounting Horizons (September): 71-82.
Self Insurance
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Self Interest
Roberts, J. and M. Jones. 2009. Accounting for self interest in the credit crisis. Accounting, Organizations and Society 34(6-7): 856-867.
Self Laying Track Tractors
Ehrenfeldt, P. 1923. Cost accounting for self laying track tractors. National Association of Cost Accountants Official Publications (June 1): 3-8.
Sell-offs, Spin-offs, and Split-ups
Cumming, J. and T. Y. Mallie. 1999. Accounting for divestitures: A comparison of sell-offs, spin-offs, and split-ups. Issues in Accounting Education (February): 75-97.
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Service Bureaus
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Service Industry (See MAAW's Service Industry Topic)

Service Shop (Also see Shops)
Hulbirt, L. H. 1955. Service shop cost control for appliance retailers. N.A.C.A. Bulletin (December): 516-526.
Servicing Assets
Cheng, K. 2011. Accounting for servicing assets: A reporting challenge for executives and financial statement users. The CPA Journal (October): 24-29.
Setup Time
Alter, A. D. 1949. The effect of setup time on unit costs - A case study. N.A.C.A. Bulletin (December): 463-468.
Sewage Treatment
Blamey, R. L. 1978. Setting sewage treatment user charge rates: A cost/benefit approach. Management Accounting (December): 32-36.
Shell Companies
Lehman, M. and M. Weidenmier. 2007. Case study: Detecting shell companies with dynamic text comparisons. Journal of Forensic Accounting 8(1-2): 347-368.
Shell Manufacturer
Rogers, H. and D. Boddle. 1954. Process costing of shell manufacture. N.A.C.A. Bulletin (December): 520-532. (Illustration of a process cost system for 105 MM shells).
Sheet Metal
Leavitt, R. W. 1948. Material and labor variance procedure in a sheet metal products plant. N.A.C.A. Bulletin (May 1): 1059-1068.
Ships and Ship Building
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Shipping Containers
Barth, E. E. 1959. Standard cost accounting for returnable shipping containers. N.A.A. Bulletin (May): 62-64.
Shocks in Forecasts
Geurts, M. D. and T. A. Buchman. 1981. Accounting for 'shocks' in forecasts. Management Accounting (April): 21-26, 39.
Shoe Industry and Stores
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Shrinkage and Lost Units(See MAAW's Spoilage, Rework and Scrap Topic)
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Sick Leave
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Sign Shop
Henshaw, F. O. 1939. Labor control in the sign shop. N.A.C.A. Bulletin (April 1): 981-991.
Silver (Also see Mining)
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Sinking Funds
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Ski Resort (Also see Hotels)
Gore, R. A. and P. J. Herz. 2010. Snowy Ridge Ski Resort: Fair value measurement and the impairment of long-term assets. Issues in Accounting Education (February): 59-70.
Slave Trade
Heier, J. R. 2010. Accounting for the business of suffering: A study of the antebellum Richmond, Virginia, slave trade. Abacus 46(1): 60-83.
Small Business (See MAAW's Small Business Topic)

Small Orders
Baughman, G. K. 1967. Economical processing of small orders. Management Accounting (March): 55-58.
Koch, W. C. 1921. Cost accounting in the soap industry. National Association of Cost Accountants Official Publications (December 15): 3-13.
Social Clubs
Mahrle, B. C. 1972. Social clubs: Accounting for unrelated business income. Management Accounting (July): 21-24.
Social Networks (See MAAW's Social Networks Bibliography)

Social Performance (See MAAW's Social Accounting Topic)

Soft Drinks
Brown, K. F. and G. T. Tsakumis. 2007. Assessing business risk: The case of Premier Punch, Inc. Journal of Accounting Education 25(4): 168-192.

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Software (See MAAW's Software Topic)
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Greeley, H. D. 1910. "Solicitors Accounts". Journal of Accountancy (August): 303-304.
Solar Heating
Arnold, V., P. McKenzie and S. G. Sutton. 1994. Instructional case: Arkansas Solar Heating Corporation. Issues in Accounting Education (Fall): 353-365.
SOX or Sarbanes Oxley Act - (See MAAW's SOX Bibliography)

(Also see Farming)
McCue, W. M. 1977. Hedging soybeans in the commodities market. Management Accounting (July): 57-60.

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Special Orders
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Spoilage (See MAAW's Spoilage, Rework and Scrap Topic)

Sports Teams
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Stabilization Program
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Start-up Costs
Stec, S. 1987. Accounting for start-up costs. Management Accounting (November): 68.
Stationery Manufacturing (Also see Manufacturing)
Edes, O. K. 1938. A standard cost system for a stationery manufacturing concern. N.A.C.A. Bulletin (May 1): 1005-1029.
State Universities (Also see Universities and MAAW's Education Issues in Accounting Section)
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Steam Ship Ticket Agent
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Steel Processing and Steel Rolling Mill
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Stock and Stock Ownership (See MAAW's Capital Markets Topic)
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Stock Based Compensation (Also see Stock Options and MAAW's Agency Theory Section)
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Stock Brokers
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Stock Dividends and Splits
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Stock Options (See MAAW's Capital Markets Topic)
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Stock Transfer Company
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Strategy (See MAAW's Strategy topic)

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Strip Mining (Also see Coal Mining)

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XBRL (See MAAW's XBRL Bibliography)

Zero Based Budgeting (See MAAW's ZBB Section)

Zinc Mine
(Also see Mining)

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