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Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA
Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

Accounting Systems For Business Main Page

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Hatter's Fur
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Hazardous Waste (Also see Waste and MAAW's Environmental Cost and Green Accounting Section)
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Healthcare (See MAAW's Healthcare Topic )

Heat Treating
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Heavy Machinery
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Herbs and Spices
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Highway Department
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Holding Companies
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Home Building (Also see Construction)
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Home Heaters
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Home Office - (See MAAW's Tax Topic and the Journal Bibliographies mentioned there).

Horizontal Organization

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Horse Racing
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Hosiery Mill (Also see Cotton)
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Hospitals (See MAAW's Healthcare Topic)

Hotels and Hospitality
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Household Employees - (See MAAW's Tax Topic and the Journal Bibliographies mentioned there).

Human Resource
(See MAAW's Human Resource Topic)

Hybrid Securities (Also see Stock)
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Ice Cream (Also see Dairies)
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Idleness and Unused Facilities (See MAAW's Capacity Topic )
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Indirect Costs (See MAAW's Overhead Topic )

Industrial Drives
O'Leary, D. E. 2005. ABB Industries: Implementing SAP's ABC. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting (2): 73-85.
Inflation (See MAAW's Replacement Cost Topic)

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Gregg, A. 2017. Start-ups embrace cryptocurrency to raise needed capital: 'Initial coin offerings' let companies raise money without ceding control. The Washington Post (December 4): A13. (Note).

Installment Loan Rebates

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Installment Sales

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Insurance (Also see Self Insurance)
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Intangible Assets (Also see Goodwill and MAAW's Value and Business Valuation Section)
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Intellectual Capital (Also see MAAW's Human Resource and Knowledge Management Topics)
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Inter Departmental
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Inter Unit
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Intercorporate Investments
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International Financial Reporting Standards (See MAAW's IFRS Bibliography)

Interest Costs, Discounts, Rates, and Rate Swaps
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Inventory (See MAAW's Inventory Topic)

Investment Banker (Also see Banks)
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Investment Companies
AICPA. 2012. Investment Companies - AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide. AICPA.
Investment Credits
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Investment Securities (Also see Stock and Stock Ownership)
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Investment Sweeps
Smedberg, D. G. 1995. Shadow accounting for investment sweeps. Management Accounting (July): 46-49. (Sweep services move funds out of commercial checking accounts to overnight or short-term investments).
Investment Tax Credit
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Investments (See MAAW's Capital Budgeting, Capital Markets and Investment Management Topics)
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Iron Works and Iron Mines (Also see Foundries, and Steel)
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IRS (See MAAW's Tax Related Topic)

Islamic Reports
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Japanese-American Civilians
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Japanese Management (See MAAW's Japanese Management Topic)

Japanning (Also see Paint)
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Toner, J. V. 1932. Profit control for manufacturing jewelers and silversmiths. N.A.C.A. Bulletin (December 1): 511-521.
Joint and By Products (See MAAW's Joint Products Topic)

Joint Pole Use
Nevling, R. E. 1970. Records and procedures for joint pole use. Management Accounting (June): 44-46.
Joint Ventures
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Just In Time (See MAAW's Just-In-Time and Lean Enterprise Topic)

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Jute Mill
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Knitting Industry
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Labor and Labor Unions (See MAAW's Labor Topic)

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Land Development and Sales
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Law Firms and Lawyers
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Lean Accounting (See MAAW's Lean Accounting Topic)

Lean Manufacturing (See MAAW's JIT and Lean Enterprise Topic)

Learning Curves (See MAAW's Learning and Experience Curves Topic)

Leases and Leaseholds (See MAAW's Lease Topic )

Leather Products (Also see Tanning Industry)
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Liabilities (Also see Debt)
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Liberty Loans
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